2 days / 5 Companies
Awesome and great speakers

April 7-8, 2017


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Day 1

Fri, April 7–-Untitled-Design-24-160x160.jpg
Official Kickoff

Opening Reception and Arrival of Delegates

Delegates taking part in the Social Venture Challenge as well as those traveling from out of state arrive and check-in. Brief networking, welcome and snacks.

4:00pm – 4:50pm | Markey Commons
It Begins!

Welcome and Kick-off Message

4:50pm – 5:00pm | Olin Auditorium–-Untitled-Design-2-160x160.png
Conscious Capitalism Boston Chapter

Impact Investing Panel

Momentum for Impact Investing in 2017

5:00pm – 6:15pm | Olin Auditorium–-Untitled-Design-26-160x160.jpg

Social Venture Marketplace

All delegates gather in Markey Commons for the social venture marketplace. Participants in the Babson Social Venture Challenge showcase their ventures and interact with guests and other delegates.

6:15pm – 7:00pm | Market Commons–-Untitled-Design-25-160x160.jpg
Social Venture Challenge

Pitching Competition

Participants in the Babson Social Venture Challenge pitch their venture ideas to judging panels in separate rooms. Judges select and announce finalists.

7:00pm – 8:00pm | Various Classrooms–-Untitled-Design-27-160x160.jpg


8:15 | Markey Commons

End of Day

Delegates leave with Babson students who are serving as overnight hosts.

9:00pm |

Day 2

Sat, Apr 8–-Untitled-Design-28-160x160.jpg
Open to All Delegates and Guests.

Registration and Breakfast

Delegates sign in and receive program materials. Delegates can get some food, and find a seat for the Opening Session.

8:00 – 9:00 am | Park Manor West
Opening Session

Remarks from Babson’s President

Babson’s President, Dr. Kerry Healey delivers welcome remarks and shares Babson’s mission to educate Entrepreneurs Of All Kinds.

9:00 | Glavin Chapel
Cheryl Kiser

Social Innovation in a Global Context

Interactive conversation focusing on (1) What is Social Innovation? (2) What are the UN Sustainable Development Goals? (3) How are the two connected?

9:15 | Glavin Chapel
Mike Brady

Keynote Presentation

The keynote presentation addresses how to mobilize the SDGs, focusing on the role of businesses and entrepreneurs. Speaker will share specific success stories from Greyston Bakery.

9:35:00 | Glavin Chapel–-Untitled-Design-29-160x160.jpg
Various Speakers

Panel Discussion

Panelists will expand upon the keynote presentation by providing examples of how they have addressed the UN SDGs.

Jacob Donnelly, Bain Capital
Jennifer Pierre, Melanites
Richelieu Dennis, Sundial Brands
Jonas Haertle, UN PRME
Ian Lapp (UG Dean), Moderator

10:10 | Glavin Chapel

Morning break

Delegates take pictures with the UN SDG that is most important to them, and share it on social media. Group photo opportunity.

11:05 | Glavin Back yard–-Untitled-Design-30.jpg
Various Topics


An opportunity to get into an intimate conversation with a successful entrepreneur or social innovator. They will share key practical lessons. Must provide tangible teachings. Fast-paced, engaging, inspiring.

Workshop 1: Emily Levy, MightyWell
Workshop 2: Daquan Oliver, WeThrive
Workshop 3: Gavin Armstrong, Lucky Iron Fish. Global Opportunities.
Workshop 4: Claire Sommer, Aim2Flourish. Appreciative Inquiry.
Workshop 5: Savitha Sridharan, Orora Global
Workshop 6: Cheryl Heller, Design for Social Innovation.

11:10 | Various Rooms

Lunch break

Delegates share lunch, and are seated with people who attended other workshops. Each table will also be hosted by one of the workshop leaders.
Finalists in the Babson Social Innovation Challenge present their final pitches.

12:50 | Markey Commons–-Untitled-Design-31.jpg

Team Case Challenge

During Registration and Breakfast, every student will receive a packet of program materials. It will include cases about a real company, and its Social Innovation Challenge. At the start of this session, Company Representatives will be available to answer questions about the case material. Then, in teams, students will produce a 3-minute pitch addressing their assigned company’s Social Innovation Challenge. Teams will check in with a Faculty Facilitator every half hour, in order to review their progress in relation to the Judging Criteria, which will also be provided. The ultimate goal is to apply learnings from the morning presentations and workshops to a real case.

Participating Companies:
Babson Fund for Global Healthcare Entrepreneurship
Sundial Brands
Hampton Creek

1:40 | Various Classrooms–-Untitled-Design-32.jpg
Case Challenge

Social Innovation Pitches

Student teams present their 3-minute pitches to the group. Judges will ask questions, and provide feedback.

3:45 | Glavin Chapel

Closing Reception

Enjoy light refreshments, network, and hear the results of the Team Case Challenge and the Babson Social Venture Challenge.

4:30 | Glavin Chapel


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